Here is a quiz for you movie fans.
Column A lists the star and Column B lists a occupation that person performed prior to stardom.
Your task is to match the star with the profession.

1. Rock Hudson a. Soda jerk
2. Douglas Fairbanks b. Bus driver
3. Joan Crawford c. Soap manufacturer
4. Greta Garbo d. Pro-baseball player with Los Angeles Angels
5. Lucille Ball e. Rat catcher
6. Peter Boyle f. Portrait painter and marine artist
7. Glenn Ford g. Advertising copywriter
8. Chuck Connors h. Milliner
9. Charles Bronson i. Telephone repairman
10. Sir Alec Guinness j. Smithfield meat porter
11. Dame Edith Evans k. Cartoon department of MGM
12. James Caan l. Barber shop assistant
13. Jeremy Irons m. Music teacher
14. Warren Beatty n. Counter clerk in ice cream parlor
15. Andy Griffith o. Supermarket cashier
16. John Carradine p. Lion cage cleaner
17. Harrison Ford q. Tea planter in Ceylon
18. Clark Gable r. Rodeo rider
19. Sidney Greenstreet s. Monk
20. Michael Caine t. Set carpenter
21. Karl Malden u. Milkman
22. Jack Nicholson v. Social worker
23. Sylvester Stallone w. Postman
24. Julia Roberts x. Laundry girl
25. Michelle Pfeiffer y. Pennsylvania coalminer
(Source: Guinness Book of Movie Facts & Feats)